Why the Blog?

Did I ever think that I would have my own website and blog? Nope. Lately though, I’ve been stepping into a lot of things that I didn’t think I would ever be getting into.

Why the blog?

In the year 2000, circumstances beyond my control led me to become VERY acquainted with the historical figure known as Yeshua Ha Mashiach a.k.a. Jesus Christ. My discoveries about Him led me to believe that this man, who also claimed to be God in the flesh, held the keys to life itself. This led me to become a student, or a disciple of His as I committed to following His ways above mine. Am I perfect? That’s a big “NO” on that one, but supernaturally I am being made better and better (growing). I’ll be growing until the day I die by the power of God.

If the last paragraph scared you or made you uncomfortable, it’s all good. Let me bring things back to earth a little. The road that I’ve been traveling on has ultimately led me to start this website/blog. Since 2013, I’ve been preparing to be a pastor and desiring to start a church in an urban setting.  We now believe that the particular urban setting that God is calling us to is New York City. The main point of this website will be to allow people to get to know my family and I and to give them an opportunity to consider coming along side us on our journey.

The Content of Future Blogs

Future blog entries will either go one of two directions:

#1-I look forward to sharing my thoughts on topics like family-life, married-life, theology and social issues.

#2 -I will spend some entries highlighting the journey: My wife Nancy Maria and I were both born and raised in New York (she’s from Brooklyn and I’m from the Bronx). Since we both graduated from Syracuse University in 2003, we’ve been living in Southern Maryland because that is where our careers took us. At the start of this website (May 2016), we are still in Southern Maryland but transitioning to Brooklyn, NY, where I’ll be starting a church planting residency at The Bridge Church (www.bridgechurchnyc.com) beginning in September 2016. Our aim is to be moved into our apartment in Brooklyn during the month of July. Best believe I’ll be providing updates! 

Find out how you can join the Mission

I’ll be talking about this more in the near future, but if you want to know more about how you can join us in what we believe is a move of God, visit the following link: http://MSC.kintera.org/omarfernandez. I’m very excited to say that we have the backing of the North American Mission Board. They are coming along side us and providing great support, encouragement and guidance.

So much more I want to say but I’ll keep this first entry short. Please check out the video link below to watch what we put together to let everybody know about the beginning of the rest of our lives.

Let’s go!

-- O